Losing weight is going to cost you some money upfront. Look at it this way; that sugary Starbucks drink and expensive fast food lunch will not be happening as often (and if you’re hardcore not at all) so you are already putting money back into your pockets. Whoever said eating healthy was expensive most be out buying $8 fast food salads that you can make tham at home for a fraction of the cost.

As long as you follow through and keep at your goals, none of these tools will be a waste of money no matter how much you spend. My health is important, and if you’re reading this blog I know it’s important to you too. If you already have some of these items you’re already cutting cost! Look at all of these purchases as an investment. You will thank yourself later down the road when you don’t have weight-related health issues.

Instant Pot– If you don’t have one of these bad boys or some kind of variation of a pressure cooker this item belongs at the top of your wish list! I’ve had my Instant Pot for a little over a year now. Before I started my weight loss journey I was only using it once or twice a week, now it’s on every Sunday during meal prep, and in-use for almost every hot dinner I make. An Instant Pot or a Crock-Pot is a must-have to keep you on track with your weight-loss goals.

Fitbit– Fitbits are AWESOME! I cannot say enough good things about mine! Since the day I got it, I’ve been hooked. Wear the water-proof watch daily and it keeps track of your fitness goals via app or computer. If you utilize it fully it does more than track your daily steps and give you the date and time. It tracks the calories you’ve burned, minutes you’ve exercised, miles you’ve walked, your heart rate, and sleep patterns. I even use it as a silent alarm, so when it vibrates it doesn’t wake my husband up! For more in-depth tracking you can log your weight, calorie-intake, female health, and water intake. FitBit’s can get pricy, but if you wear it daily it’s well worth every cent you spend! I own the Fitbit Charge 2. This is an older model as I haven’t upgraded for the past couple of years. There are other models with plenty of reviews you can check out on Amazon. In order from oldest to newest: Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Ace (a product advertised for children ages 8+), Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge 3.

Scale– Okay this one is a no-brainer, but it was something I had to include. If you’re trying to avoid looking at the scale you better get used to it on your weight loss journey. I purchased this particular scale almost 3 years ago and although it was barely used in the past it’s getting some action now. At the time it also came with an “Eat Smart” body tape measure. It doesn’t look like they do that anymore, so if you don’t have one I highly suggest investing in one too. If you’re not shedding pounds as quickly as you’d like, you might be losing inches.

Kitchen Scale– I’m embarrassed to admit that until about five years ago I didn’t even know this existed. This will be important in helping you portion out your food so you can keep track of how many calories you’re eating. When you don’t measure out your portions you are likely to extremely likely to overeat, especially when you’re first getting started.

Workout Shirts– If you buy cute shirts to work out in you will be more likely to work out. This is another silly mental part of the weight loss game. If you like shirts with funny sayings, get them! If you like plain t-shirts to “blend in” at the gym then buy those! If you’re like me who like bright and colorful then buy those! Everyone has different tastes, but if you purchase something that you really like you will be more likely to use it. I personally live in my sports bras, but if you don’t have something good and supportive you will need to invest in those too. At Target sports bras are close to $25+ each, and if you like them you should go for it! However, if you’re like me and know that no one is going to see your bra anyway and you enjoy a bargain try these from Amazon.

Waterbottle– I’m not here to lecture anyone about saving the environment, but it will be better and cheaper in the long run to have a refillable and easily portable water bottle. Similar to the shirts, purchase something you actually like, and it will mentally help you keep it nearby. In the weight loss process, you’re gonna largely depend on water to help reduce cravings and hunger. If you don’t have water with you, I promise you are likely to eat more. For me personally, I love to drink out of a straw, so I bought a water bottle that has an attached straw.

Good Shoes– I cannot stress this enough, you will be moving a lot. You owe it to yourself to own a comfortable pair of tennis shoes in your weight loss process. Again, get a color/design you like and put some miles on those bad boys. I wouldn’t normally recommend buying your shoes online but Amazon has a new program called “Prime Wardrobe”. Don’t like your shoes? They don’t fit? Send them back or exchange them within 7 days!