I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I FINALLY broke past that “70’s” mark. It felt so good to break that barrier and see 269.6 on the scale this morning! I am so excited because now that I’ve shown myself that I can actually “do it” I’m surprisingly shocked.

Weekly Challenge Level: 4/10 hard

It was a little bit of a bummer to not see the pounds fall off as easily this week. I hope from now on that I will be able to keep up a pace of losing 1-2 pounds a week consistently.

So this week I decided to sign up for HealthyWage. I’m losing the weight anyway, so I decided I might as well get paid to do it. I pledged to lose 35 pounds by October 7th-23rd. The plan is to do much better than that, but I wanted to set a realistic goal before my birthday and the holidays hit. I’m really excited and I think this will be the one thing that will really push me over the edge to do what I need to do. I lose $400 if I don’t meet this goal and money motivates me. I feel officially committed to my weightloss now, even more than I did before.

I made a YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram page tracking my weight loss journey so that other people can see my experience and be encouraged to do it themselves if they need that little extra push. I also decided to “review” HealthyWage because when I went looking for information on it there was little info on it which was surprising.

I also decided to do something vulnerable, and downright scary. I posted a picture of my full body on Instagram on Saturday night. I am literally in my bra and shorts, with my gut hanging down and to be honest I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. I don’t know if I’m crazy, stupid, or downright ballsy; probably a solid mix of all three. Again, by doing this I felt like it made me feel like I had more skin in the game (as if I don’t have enough already lol). Don’t get me wrong, if someone I know runs across that picture I’m going to be mortified. But at the same time I know that one day I’ll be able to show them a side by side of me 100 pounds down and instead of feeling disgust they will be impressed.

I am even more solid and committed than I was the week before. I’m all in, and ready to win!

Monday 2/17/19- Day 7 (Week Two)
Weight: 271.0 (9:30am)
Weight Loss in One Week: 7 pounds
Weight Loss Overall: 7 pounds total
Bust 53.5 inches
Stomach 56.5 inches
Waist 47 inches
Left Arm 17 inches
Left Thigh 33 inches
Shirt 3XL