I woke up looked at the scale and felt super discouraged. I am back up and have only lost 0.4 pounds for the whole week. This doesn’t seem right or fair for as hard as I’ve been working. I could cry and give up, but I’m too far in to do that now. It’s slow progress, but nevertheless it’s something. I didn’t GAIN weight this week.

A huge NSV is the inches I’m dropping! WOW! My bust, stomach, waist, and thighs ARE SHRINKING! My body resists losing weight HARD but the inches on my body don’t seem to have a hard time coming off, so I’ll take it! I definitely need to work on toning up my arms because I’m starting week 4 and there is no difference.

Here are some reasons I think I’m not dropping  weight as quickly this week. These are some of the things I’ve done differently that may be affecting my results.

  1. Plateauing- It happens. I wasn’t expecting it to happen this early, but I knew somewhere along the way that I was going to have to “fight” my weight to keep dropping.  
  2. Weekend Eating- This weekend I took in several meals that were over 350 calories Mexican Inn (800), Homemade Chipotle (600), Epic Protein Shake (450). My body might be freaking out because it hasn’t been used to that.
  3. Exercise- I’ve done my step challenge this week. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat, so that might be affecting the scale to a degree.
  4. More sodium- I’ve reintroduced my body to a very small amount of bread. I take a 3 inch sandwich (75 calories), 1 squeeze of mayo (45), cheese (70), and processed meat (30), tomato (20), pickles (10), and romaine lettuce(10) for the topper. I’ve also had a couple bags of popcorn. Then of course the dinner out. My plan for the week is to keep the sandwich in my diet, but no dinners out and no popcorn.
  5. Inconsistency Exercise- Because the weather was so bad this week it was hard to dedicate time to getting my steps in consistently. A couple days I was walking 9,000 steps and other days I was barely hitting 2,000. Then some days I was doing 6,000.
  6. Inconsistency Diet- My Fitbit is set to make sure I am losing 2 pounds a week, and I’ve been faithfully logging my calories and I was “over” 2 days this week (500 calories). Then I had a couple of days where I needed to eat excessively more (1300 calories). I need to also drink water more consistently this week I had 48-130 oz every day.

Weight: 269.2 (7:41am)

Weight Loss in One Week: 0.4 pounds- (Yikes)

Weight Loss Overall: 8.8 pounds total

Bust 51.0 inches

Stomach 54.5 inches

Waist 44 inches

Left Arm 17 inches

Left Thigh 31.5 inches