I’m seeing a lot of weight come off! I’m excited with these results so far!!! I also want to add that the hardest part for me so far is late night eating. It’s hard to not eat anything after 8 p.m.

Overall Difficulty Scale This Week: 6.5/10

Seeing the results so quickly is encouraging that my body really can do it! Meal prepping has been time consuming, but learning to eat more frequently isn’t as hard as I imagined. It also helps to have a spouse/family who is ON TRACK with you. Not bringing temptations into the house, smelling good food, etc. This week was Valentine’s Day and Jason still remembered me without buying chocolates. He bought me a V-Day blanket and a heart shaped pillow with a homemade card that said he was proud of me making my lifestyle change. I have really been working hard cutting out carbs and sugar.

I was “bad” this week and ate 2 pieces of chocolate, (serving size) bagel crisps, and some tortilla chips (serving size). I don’t want to make a habit of this, but it is okay to reward yourself and still see results. Everything is okay in moderation! Weighing food before and then sliding on the plate.

My parents came over Sunday and I wanted to make them my Buffalo Chicken Dip. I scooped 2 tablespoons in a bowl so I wouldn’t be mindlessly talking and eating.

I’ve loved my Tazo herbal tea, it’s helped me not be so hungry. I need to drink it at night when I feel hungry. I’ve also noticed that drinking water makes a HUGE difference.

My body doesn’t really seem to be shrinking, but my face does seem a little slimmer. Not a night and day difference by any means, but noticeable (noticed this change around Thursday)

  • Weight: 278 pounds
  • Bust: 54 inches
  • Stomach: 57 inches
  • Waist: 47 inches
  • Left Arm: 17. inches
  • Left Thigh: 34 inches
  • Shirt: 3XL